About the project

The purpose of creating the “azagroinvest.az” portal is to increase the awareness of entrepreneurs about investment opportunities in agribusiness fields. For this purpose, it is planned to place the initial feasibility analysis prepared by the Agricultural Economics Research Center and its partners in the agribusiness fields on the portal.

The portal consists of 3 sections – Investment Analysis, Field Reports and Investment Environment sections.

In the Investment Analysis section, capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenditures (OpEx) for the production of agricultural products are calculated on 6 criteria including Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Discounted Payback Period (PbP), Cost-Benefit Ratio (CBR), Sensitivity Analysis (SA) and Product Cost (PC). The final report is placed on the portal in PPT (Power Point) format.

NPV, IRR, PbP, CBR, Sensitivity Analysis and Product Cost calculators have been added to the platform.

The portal also features a visualized calculation panel with the outputs of investment efficiency for products, enabling the entrepreneur to visually evaluate the overall situation in the sector in which he or she wants to invest.

Entrepreneurs are presented with information on the production of individual crop and livestock products in the Field Reports section. The references, which are available to download in PDF format, provide information on area, production, yield, price, import, export, and global (production, import, and export) indicators.

The “Tax and customs regulations on production, processing and sale of agricultural products”, “Tax and customs regulations on supplies and services with agricultural machinery and equipment”, “Regulations on investment promotion” and “Regulations on state support in agriculture” are all included in Investment Environment section. The information on exemption from VAT on production, sale, import and export of agricultural products, services, means of production, relevant customs import duty concessions, relevant regulations in the direction of state support and temporary concessions on investment promotion is presented in detail in this section.